Rage Yoga – Vent out your anger

There is a new exercise trend taking over the world, and it’s completely blowing our minds.

For those among us who want to reap the benefits of the spiritual exercise – but fail to get adequate stress relief from wobbling along in silence – Rage Yoga could be for you.

What is Rage Yoga?

A yoga practice that started as a way to become fit and vent out the anger and pain of a failed broken relationship has today become a movement with many people actually being a part of it. Lindsay was going through a bad break up and while doing yoga, she used to get angry.

So, in Rage Yoga sessions, you vent out your anger, frustration and emotions by stretching, cursing and making rude gestures (like showing middle finger), while heavy rock music plays in the background. The Rage Yoga classes are being conducted since January, on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Ok – so it’s pretty different.

Rage yoga is for those who love yoga but do not fit into conventional classes’, explained Lindsay-Marie Istace: the inventor of this new approach to Zen. ‘On and off the mat, Rage Yoga is an attitude. Centered, confident and giving zero fu*ks.’

Detox Retox! 😂😂😂 #rageyoga #smilesformiles #yogaeveryday lol had a blast tonight with yall

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Now, the Rage Yoga Guru is the proud creator of the newest trend, helping those like herself who want to improve their balance, flexibility and posture, but do not feel comfortable in conventional classes – or for those who just have a little bit more aggression. As it stands, it’s only available in Canada – but we reckon it’ll take off here before long!