The Best Rainy-Day Workouts

It seems the autumn is leaving outdoor junkies disappointed and dying to get outside. While some may see the wet weather as a damper on their fitness plans, others see it as a blessing. However you choose to look at it, here are a few ways to work around the weather and stay on track with your goals.
Lap Pool

If the rain is keeping you from an outdoor swim at the beach or neighborhood lake, head to a nearby pool for your water workout. While swimming indoors might not give you the same challenges or unexpected obstacles as being in the open water, challenge yourself by doing  swimming interval workout.

Indoor Cycling Class

Nothing beats biking when the weather’s right, but cycling in the rain makes things risky when it comes to falls, visibility, and traction. Hitting the stationary bike can be a good alternative to a leisurely ride, but turn things up by taking an indoor cycling class. Designed to mimic a challenging outdoor ride, you’ll be sprinting and climbing hills while jumping in and out of the saddle.

Hit the Treadmill

If it’s raining outside, but you’re craving a run around the park or a trek up a mountain, the treadmill can easily become your best friend. Forgot what you thought about mindlessly running at the same speed on the same incline — there’s a treadmill workout for almost any outdoor trek you can think of, from running up and down hills to ascending a mountain!


Make a summer playlist.

 Nothing can improve the mood of a workout like music selection; pick a few of your favorite summer beats to get your mind off the cloudy weather. OAR, Shwayze and Jimmy Buffet are a few of our unconventional favorites. What are some of yours