Trendy New York Workout

In New York City, fitness studios are like restaurants: you have your go-tos, the top-reviewed places you’re willing to spend your dollars on, the hidden gems, the spots your friends drag you to, and the trending scenes where you can’t get a primetime reservation for the first year. Even if you’re not a foodie, surely you understand the comparison.
Why take a class? From the motivating, upbeat playlists to mashup formats that test your physical limits, group fitness classes offer tons of physical and mental health benefits that your home gym simply cannot.
Studies show that doing something new can keep you interested in exercise and make you more inclined to repeat that activity again.
What is trendy in New York?
1. High Intensity Interval Training

Also known as HIIT, this fitness trend suddenly burst into the fitness world in 2015, and has stayed at the top of the trends list. This type of workout usually entails short, extreme periods of exercise followed by rest.


 It’s known as being incredibly effective for burning fat while shaping and toning the body, and with the right playlist your workout can pass in seemingly minutes, rather than a full hour. Just be sure to workout with a highly experienced trainer, as injury is possible in the hands of the wrong trainer

2. Exhale – Core Fusion Extreme

Locations: Central Park South, Flatiron, Gramercy, Meatpacking, SoHo, Upper East Side

What To Expect: 
Following an active warm up, the class is divided into smaller groups that rotate to five different stations, each with a unique piece of equipment. Usually included: TRX suspenders, medicine balls, gliders, heavy dumbbells, and a plyo box. And the routine is changed up each month. You’ll perform two sets of exercises per station, and visit each station twice.

Moving so quickly can be a bit exhausting, but every time you feel depleted, a motivating instructor counts down and pushes you to finish. The class finishes with a thorough abdominal session and stretch. No muscle goes left untouched, and you feel totally complete.

3. Body Weight Training (no equipment)

Body Weight Training has been a major trend in the fitness scene, and with good reason. By using your own weight, there’s no reason to rely on bulky, expensive equipment, giving you a safer, quicker, and equally effective workout. We’re not talking about old school body weight training, like push-ups, but rather, the new and innovative methods that fitness experts have developed.


Innovative workout classes, like the new Primal Movement class developed by expert trainers Jeff Bell and Carlos Leon, are prime examples of how you can take your workout to the next level using nothing but your own body. Primal Movement is inspired by the animals in the wild (imagine a lion preparing to pounce) and engages over 600 muscles focusing on flexibility, mobility and balance. If you’re looking to burn fat, strengthen, and tone your body, this is definitely the solution.

305 Fitness – Cardio/Dance/HIIT

305 Fitness

Best For: Dance junkies looking for a healthy alternative (or addition) to clubbing.

What To Expect: Get sweaty shaking your money-maker with this high-energy, Miami nightclub-inspired dance class that feels more like a party — seriously, there’s even a live DJ. Don’t expect 55 minutes of hip-hop choreography, though, as each class fuses high-intensity exercises, sports drills, and strength training with dance-cardio routines for a total-body experience. While the heart-pounding class is definitely cardio-heavy, you’ll reap muscle-strengthening benefits from the toning component. No prior dance experience required, only an open mind. As a notoriously clumsy dancer with a total lack of coordination, I find I get the best workout by letting go and forgetting all about form.

5. Boutique Fitness Studios

Small boutique-style fitness studios have exploded in popularity all over New York City. The draw for people is the intimacy and community feel that these gyms offer which many of the large gym chains such as Equinox can’t. In a big and busy city like NYC, finding a friendly, like-minded home  to pursue your fitness aspirations can be very appealing, empowering and rewarding.