ABS : The Secret Revealed Review – by Lazar Angelov


His name is Lazar Angelov – an athlete, a top fitness model and an inspiration to millions of people around the world. He is also known as the man with the most impressive six-pack in the world.

But his road was far from smooth, and strangely enough, his fitness success happened because of a mishap… He was in the beginning of his professional basketball career and had big dreams of becoming one of the best in that sport, but one day he sustained a serious knee injury. It was a nightmare and the end of his career.

What changed?

Strength training made him believe in himself and his new vision of the future again. He dedicated his whole life to building the perfect body and learning the science behind it – everything about dieting, nutrition, workout routines. He has been working as a personal trainer for over 10 years now and has been featured in many TV shows, commercials and world famous magazines, including Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Health.



abs : the secret revealed

Phase1 : DETOX

This is the phase that needs to prepare your body for the diet and exercise to come. It’s a period of time where you clear your body out of toxins, excess water and you are getting used to eating foods that are going to improve your health and appearance in the long run.


This is a low carb phase where the initial fat loss starts. The bookwill provide you with detailed macronutrient breakdown, meal plans as well as recipes for preparing your meals.



The alternation of three different days – high carb day, moderate carb day, and low carb day will advance the fat burning process. Lazar has made very good nutrition plans for every one of those days, as well as some alternatives to the basic foods you are going to be eating.


The phase where most of the energy you will need comes from fats instead of stored carbs. It’s during this phase that you will see the greatest results. It’s also one of the hardest phases which you will go through, but definitely worth it.


The maintenance phase is created to consolidate the loss of extra hypodermic fat and enjoy some of your favorite foods, which can be added from time to time.

After you have gone through these 5 phases your metabolism will be increased significantly so you can go back to a more “softer” way of dieting and, occasionally, enjoy some of the foods you like.



In order to sculpt an ideal six pack you need to develop the core muscles responsible for how your abs look – the rectus abdominis and external obliques as well as the deep muscles such as transverse abdominis and internal obliques which serve as a spinal support and give your core stability.